August comes to a close……

The town is buzzing with tourists! It’s such a novelty to hear French, Spanish and the good old American drawl on the streets as I pedal along. Dundonians chat to me and eye the skyline that I’m trying to capture with my pen. The sun is shinning, the wee pigeons are strutting their stuff, the buses are charging past and life is pretty good here in Scotland. I flit from coffee shop to coffee shop […]

A drawing discovery…last year.

Saturday afternoon, I cycle along riverside to have a go at drawing the Discovery. I know it’s going to be tricky, and tall ships are not my area of expertise, but I do love vertical lines and I have set out some collage to help me get started. I’m sitting next to my lovely new tricycle on one of those stone mushrooms in front of the new railway station hotel . The sun has warmed […]