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Dundee Art Fair 24th – 26th May 2019

I’m very excited to be preparing for the first ever art fair to be held in Dundee and also the first ever for me! I have lots of new collaged drawings finished and beautifully framed ready for my stand and I’ve also been printing like a little fiend at the DCA Print workshop. I’ve had fun experimenting with a new muted colour palette for my prints and I’ll have some of these hand made prints

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Christmas Market Dundee

My persistence has paid off! I’ve been really fortunate and feel privileged to have a space at the Ethical Trade Christmas Market in the City Square. My drawings are on display on the very streets that inspired them! I have my trike “vintaged up” with an old Fortnum & Mason basket in the centre of my stall. I explain to the many Dundonians who stop for a look that I hope to draw Dundee from

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Back home in Dundee

A couple of sales in Dock Street Studios and some useful customer feedback has me pedalling down to the V&A whenever the sun comes out and the wind dies down to get more sketching done. I find the V&A very inspiring especially on bright sunny days. I get lots of nice smiles and comments about my quirky trike and encouraging words when someone looks over my shoulder to see what I’m drawing too. I’m loving

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Lulu’s Café wall, Barcelona

There were squeals of delight when I brought out some of my promised drawings, even one on canvass, for Lulu’s Cafe walls. I am absolutely thrilled that they chose two and they are up there for everyone to see. It makes me feel very proud every time I go for breakfast!! I can see them from the street as I walk past and an extra benefit yesterday when, and this doesn’t happen often, one of

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Walking smartly across a little square. (I like to walk with intent as I believe that keeps the would be pick pockets and lonesome fellows from approaching me.) I think I hear my name and suddenly I recognise my friend Hugo. He’s calling me by his pet Barcelona name for me “Linditta!” Ha! Ha! No wonder it took me a while to recognise he was calling me. He’s very affectionate towards me and kisses my

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An invitation to display my drawings in a Barcelona Café

The owner of my favourite coffee shop is so pleased to see me return to draw in her cafe! She loves my drawings and asks to take a look. I ask her if she would like to have the one she likes? She is astonished, and probably waiting for me to name an exorbitant price….” No, its is for you!” I tell her and suddenly she’s leaping around the coffee shop laughing with glee to

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