Barcelona Success!

Waow! My collaged drawing of the stunning Correos (Post Office) building at Pla├ža d’Antonio Lopez has been selected as one of one hundred to be displayed on large digital boards near the Arc de Triomf. I love the layers of horizon that you can see in the city. The towers of this fantastic structure peak between the palm trees as tourists enjoy a drink in the shade below. One of them is often me! I […]

Exhibition at Freedom Hair!

Thrilled to have been invited by Irving Miskel-Reid to exhibit my work in his beautiful downtown Dundee salon! So pleased to be able to stand back and see it completed this week. An absolute delight to have so much space to hang my work with great possibilities for new customers imagining how it might look in their own home as they enjoy their coiffure. Freedom Hair is at 17 Dock Street Downtown Dundee DD1 3DP […]

Framed to perfection!

Delighted with how my screen print looks now that it has been matched up with a cool double mount and frame by Elvie Framing Dundee, looks especially sharp with the non reflective glass. I screened printed this with my very own hands at the DCA Print workshop and then worked a little crosshatching magic into the leaves and some of the buildings. I’m addicted to drawing these beautiful rooftops but you’ll have to forgive me […]

2020….let’s get started!

It’s taken a wee while for me to get back in gear…shake off the doldrums of the short stormy days and start drawing again, but I’ve got there at last! A new drawing completed, a little home cooking , a little pedalling into town on the trike, wind in my hair and the gloomy winter mood is beginning to go! This building squeezed between two well know watering holes in Dundee has always fascinated me. […]

A wee Christmas Market at Verdant Works

A very chilly Sunday at Verdant Works last week – but look I’m still smiling!! I tricycled over the hill (not an easy feet for me) and set up inside the big mill hall. I love Verdant Works, its a beautiful restored mill where you can truly experience what mill work was like back in the day. It was so cold I had to give Santa a hug to keep us warm! Ho! Ho! Ho! […]