Christmas Market Dundee

My persistence has paid off! I’ve been really fortunate and feel privileged to have a space at the Ethical Trade Christmas Market in the City Square. My drawings are on display on the very streets that inspired them! I have my trike “vintaged up” with an old Fortnum & Mason basket in the centre of my stall. I explain to the many Dundonians who stop for a look that I hope to draw Dundee from my trike in the dry weather on the streets, sitting alongside it of course! It’s day 14 of 18 on my art stall and although I’m pretty exhausted, my sales are going well, I’ve had great feedback and lots of new ideas for 2019. I’ve had offers of commissions, of rental space in shops and coffee shops and I am absolutely delighted with the whole experience! What a fantastic opportunity! This is a great launch for Lindabee Draws Dundee and my business cards have been flying off the shelf and my drawings are also on their own journeys off around the world from Singapore to Canada! Happy days!! Who knew that selling was the key to putting a smile on my face at last at Christmas!