A drawing discovery…last year.

Saturday afternoon, I cycle along riverside to have a go at drawing the Discovery. I know it’s going to be tricky, and tall ships are not my area of expertise, but I do love vertical lines and I have set out some collage to help me get started. I’m sitting next to my lovely new tricycle on one of those stone mushrooms in front of the new railway station hotel . The sun has warmed it up quite a bit! I look up from my drawing eventually and notice there are about 150 people coming my way! A soft opening rehearsal at the V&A is finishing up and I’m on the exit path. Some lovely people approach me from the crowd. The first asks if he can have a look. Nice touch. He likes my line work. Cool! The second is slightly disappointed that my drawing isn’t of the new fabulous V&A and she encourages me to tackle it next time. Nice! The third asks me “Is that your trike?” He had one just like it, red with two seats on the back for his kids! So did I! It’s not until I tell my son this story that he (now age 32) suggests it might have been the same guy we sold our trike to all those years ago when, outside Ladybank primary school one day, the weight of my wee girl and her pal on the back raised the front end way up in the air as I got off, I decided I should pass it on. Our neat red “Pashley” three wheeled miracle had had its day with our family. My fourth face in the crowd was my one time hairdresser, “I thought I recognise that hair colour!” It’s red, so yes, you can see me from across the street! How cool, I get a real nice interaction with passers-by when Lindabee Draws Dundee!